Holiday Celebrations


Acknowledging the challenges associated with seasonal celebrations for those recovering from addiction. Insights, encouragement, and practical information on how to manage recovery during this time.

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Alcohol in Food – The Sweets and Dessert Station

Look out for these treats with added extras in the recipes! While they look delicious, liquor-filled chocolates, rum soaked cake and other alcohol infused sweets may have you thinking it’s okay to have a taste because it’s not the same as having a drink.


  • With rum cakes and alcohol-infused chocolates, alcohol is often added after they are baked, so they can still have high alcohol content.
  • Additionally, the taste of rum or another alcohol can be a ‘trigger’ that increases temptation, and puts your sobriety at risk.
  • Before you take that bite, consider how you could regret your actions and how it could lead you backwards, not forwards.

    Cravings – Going to a Quiet Area with a Small Group

    See those people off in a corner? You know the signs. This is something exclusive and not for all party guests to partake in. You can see temptation beckoning to you to join.

    Resist the temptation to join.

    Cravings can be triggered by senses and situations and come in waves of intensity with the strongest peaks diminishing after about 20 minutes.

    • Avoid the situation

    a. Turn your back

    b. Remove yourself from the room

    c. Go for a walk

    • Strike up a conversation with someone in your support network

    a. Find your buddy and let them know what’s happened

    b. Talk to someone new

    c. Ask the person the five w’s

    1. Who they are

    2. What they do for a living

    3. When they got here

    4. Where they like to travel

    5. Why did they come to the party

    Drinks – Undercover

    Called to the bar: Festive drink specials with fun names Don’t be fooled by the colourful umbrellas, drinks with sparklers and theatrics. You’ll want to try one. Before your taste test, find out if there is a non-alcoholic version available.

    Part of the temptation may be having a cool-looking and refreshing drink in your hand. A non-alcoholic drink can fill this craving, without putting your sobriety at risk.

    Meetings, Meetings, and Meetings!

    Tap into your support network and attend meetings. Successful recovery means that you’re staying connected to people who care and want to see you well. Enlisting social support and connecting with others” (i.e. one-to-one, or planning small group outings, that don’t involve drugs/alcohol)

    You need to be talking, not keeping thoughts emotions and feelings to yourself. Release them! Get onto a regular schedule with attending meetings. The commitment you make will form positive habits and create new experiences. Don’t be afraid to try new things or go somewhere you haven’t been before. Sometimes, something as simple as a change of scenery or routine is enough to change your view and your perspective.

    Movies – In another corner of the gathering,there are some people who are sitting on the couch and watching a movie or sharing thoughts on today’s trendy shows on a big-screen TV.

    Remember, you can always leave the party if needed. Sometimes, you may choose to stay home and watch a movie, listen to music, or even curl up with a good book. Choose from classics you haven’t seen in ages. Find something funny or light. Or look for something inspiring.

    Can’t think of any? Try these ones.

    1. The Sound of Music

    2. Elf

    3. Life of Pi

    Making a list – Create a list of your favourite things to do or activities that allow you to focus and re-energize.

    Here are a few examples:

    • Taking a walk
    • Meditate
    • Do breathing exercises
    • Have a nap
    • Play with a pet
    • Read a book
    • Do a puzzle
    • Sing along to a musical
    • Make a photo scavenger hunt
    • Take in your neighbor’s recycling bins

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