"Homewood saved my life! I am so very grateful for Homewood. It is a complete blessing for me to volunteer and to give back what was so freely given to me"

"This place saved my life twice, best team ever. They put the patient first and you learn to love yourself again. Best facility, rooms, staff, psychiatrists and lots of perks. Can’t forget the two master chefs and excellent cuisine. Thanks so much to all of you for assisting me in my recovery and I'm happy to be an Alumni."

"I came to Homewood du Plateau full of vulnerabilities, mistakes, and pain. I believed I was alone in the dark hole I had dug myself. The team showed me otherwise: we sat together in a circle and shared our weaknesses, and fears. Increasingly filled with awareness, we became mindful of our own oneness. And the many voices that came out in the room match the ones fighting in our minds. Today we understand that we are not alone, we became so because of who we are, what we went through, and who we want to become. By building trust between us, we build trust within ourselves. We exposed and challenged ourselves like we’ve never before. Today I genuinely believe that it is okay to make mistakes and not be able to control the actions of others and thus the situations we encounter. Homewood du Plateau provided us with an even more powerful tool: there is value in error and value in how you decide to react to it; there is truth in feeling; and courage in accepting." 

"Today I live my life with joy and freedom!I entered Homewood in 2011. I was 55 years old. I brought along with me a 40 year addiction to drugs and alcohol. I could not imagine living my life any differently. I was full of shame, guilt and self-hatred. Homewood introduced me to 12 Step programs. They taught me tools strategies, and supports for living life without substances. The staff was firm, supportive, giving and caring. Today I am clean and sober. I have the gift of being a volunteer in a program at Homewood which support addicts and alcoholics like myself."

"Excellent program with sensitive but thorough training and care. Staff are supportive and extremely capable."

"It is important to me that each of you have played an important role in my journey of recovery, and for that I will be forever grateful. Thank you for allowing me to express my feelings without judgement, for always being there with your patience and kindness.Having had to fight very hard to get here, I am so happy I didn't give up, as this is where I needed to be! I will miss my Homewood family, but I am excited to see what the next chapter brings and I will accept it with grace and humility. Thank you all."