Outpatient Treatment

Homewood Health’s outpatient services are non-residential mental health and addiction services available in locations across Canada. These services are delivered through Homewood Health Clinics located in urban locations across Canada and as part of the regional services provided by the Homewood Health Centre to Guelph and Wellington County residents.

The Homewood Clinics

At The Homewood Clinics, treatment is available for substance abuse/addictions; depression and anxiety; impaired functioning related to mental illness and recovery/relapse management. Clients receive a tailored and integrated program designed to enhance lifetime health, productivity and fulfillment. Very often these goals also support organizational performance through significantly enhancing client and family well-being.

Homewood Clinic programs include a comprehensive intake assessment, interdisciplinary treatment (structured group activity and condition-specific services including counselling, testing, education, and assessment), care coordination and included aftercare/recovery management program.

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Guelph & Wellington County Regional Services

Homewood Health also provides essential mental health and addiction services to residents of Guelph and Wellington County. From education and outreach to outpatient programming to crisis care, we help individuals function optimally in our community.

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