Occupational Health

Occupational Health

Through our suite of occupational health services, Homewood Health can help you in the prevention of occupational accidents and disease and also assist you in meeting your legislated occupational health requirements. We provide the following occupational health services for employers:

Health Assessments – Aimed at predicting and then preventing the occurrence of illness or injury, there are a number of valuable occupational therapy-related assessments available through Homewood:

  1. Pre-placement Assessments – are conducted after an offer of employment has been made. The purpose of the pre-placement assessment is to determine whether someone can safely perform the demands of the job.
  2. Periodic Assessments – are done for monitoring intermittent and regular exposure to occupational hazards that may result in long-term health effects.
  3. Ergonomic Assessments – can be provided for individuals experiencing ergonomic-related health symptoms, employees returning to work after illness or injury, or, as a preventive intervention to match equipment to the individual.

Medical Surveillance (drug and alcohol testing) Medical surveillance is often appropriate for employees in safety-sensitive positions. All test results are reviewed by physicians with specialized training.

Audiometric Testing – Required by legislation, regular audiometric testing helps protect and educate noise-exposed workers.

Respiratory Evaluations – Respiratory evaluations are critical for employees exposed to respiratory irritants and anyone required to wear a respirator. The program evaluates through interviews, testing and medical imaging, employees’ medical fitness to wear a respirator and conducts asbestos/silica surveillance.

Flu Clinics – On-site influenza vaccination clinics help keep the workplace healthy as registered nurses administer the vaccine and offer information about avoiding, detecting and managing the flu.