Addiction Medicine Program (AMP)

Effective, adaptable addiction care

Homewood’s Addiction Medicine Program (AMP) is a specialty inpatient program focused on treating individuals struggling with substance use and concurrent disorders. Treatment is overseen by psychiatrists and addiction physicians as well as an interdisciplinary team of psychologists, psychotherapists, nursing professionals, occupational therapists, and recreation therapists.

AMP also offers specialized streams for healthcare professionals and for first responders, military, and veterans.  The Homewood AMP approach also integrates life-stage issues for young adults and older adults.


Canada’s Leader in Addiction Care

Since Homewood opened its doors in 1883, recovery from substance use disorders has been at the core of our mission. The programs we offer for individuals struggling with addiction and their family members are part of a fully integrated system of care offering flexible programming tailored to individual needs.

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AMP - Healthcare Professionals Stream

Physicians, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, veterinarians, and individuals who report to a licensing college, regulated body and/or those involved in the handling of controlled substances are eligible to participate in this program.

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AMP - First Responders, Military & Veterans Stream

Active and retired first responders (e.g. firefighters, police, corrections, paramedics, coastguards), military and veterans are welcomed into this group.

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Admission - Inclusion Criteria

  • Age 18 or over
  • Alcohol and/or drug addiction, including addiction to prescription medications
  • Mental and physical ability to participate in an intensive treatment program
  • Ability to relate socially with peers in a therapeutic milieu
  • Willingness to participate in an abstinence based program

How to Get Help

To be admitted to the Homewood Health Centre, you require a referral from your doctor or other healthcare professional. We can help you with the patient referral and admissions process. 

Contact Intake and Admitting at 519.824.1010 or 1.866.839.2594, extension 32551 or email

Admission to the Program
Family Services

Homewood offers family members and friends of addicted individuals their own information and support.

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Alumni Support

AMP offers the annual Spiritual Renewal Service as part of our alumni support. We are exploring new ways to connect with and support our alumni.

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