Protecting Older Adults in Guelph-Wellington

Within the Program for Older Adults, Homewood designates two beds as older adult crisis beds for emergencies within the community.

The multidisciplinary team of professionals in the Program for Older Adults conducts a thorough assessment of every referred patient and develops individualized plans for treatment along with recommendations for the management of care. Admission to a crisis bed is not for placement purposes, but rather for risk reduction while working toward a resolution of the crisis.

Admission Requirements

Admission to a Program for Older Adults Crisis Bed is for individuals who:

  • are 55 years or older or who have an age-related issue;
  • live in the Wellington-Dufferin catchment area;
  • require emergency admission for evaluation of mental health/behavioural issues, usually under the Mental Health Act; and
  • are medically stable for management within a mental health facility.