Mood, Anxiety & Psychosis

Finding meaning, getting better

The Mood, Anxiety and Psychosis stream offers comprehensive assessment, treatment and discharge planning in an environment designed specifically to address the unique needs of older adults. Treatment goals focus on attaining the highest level of independence, well-being, self-worth and understanding of their illness. The program’s holistic approach to addressing themes of hopelessness and meaninglessness allows for the safe and effective exploration of psychological, social, functional and biological issues along with the development of the follow-up recommendations that are an essential component of our care.

Admission Criteria

The Mood, Anxiety and Psychosis stream is for people who:

  • are 55 years of age or older;
  • have a diagnosis where the risks associated with their illness prevent safe management in an ambulatory care setting—this includes individuals with: a life-long history of mood/anxiety disorders who are experiencing recurrences/relapses; and/or adult onset of a disorder such as mood, anxiety, psychotic or post-stroke mental health issues; 
  • have no significant cognitive impairment that would impede participation in a group program;
  • are unable to sustain the pace and intensity of the Integrated Mood and Anxiety Program.