Homewood Specialized Services

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Our inpatient programs deliver innovative, holistic care to address each patient’s specific needs. Adhering to the highest standards of clinical integrity and medical care, we help to instill the knowledge, skills and tools our patients need to return to a healthy and productive life.

Mood, Anxiety & Concurrent Program

A comprehensive holistic program that treats concurrent mood and/or anxiety and substance use disorders.

Substance Use Program

A specialty inpatient program focused on treating individuals who are struggling with substance use, including alcohol, drugs, and/or prescription medications.


Healthcare Professionals

The Addiction Medicine Program for Healthcare Professionals Stream helps patients engage effectively in recovery in a group setting twice a week where, with clinician facilitation.

Uniformed Professionals (FRMV)

The Addiction Medicine Program for Uniformed Professionals Stream consists of a twice-weekly group session involving people who share similar occupational cultures and allows for a space to discuss issues the participants might be reluctant to disclose in the presence of civilians.

Traumatic Stress Injury & Concurrent Program (TSICP)

Creates a community that helps patients struggling with trauma and concurrent addiction through the healing process and is open to individuals who have experienced persistent negative psychological effects of a traumatic event(s).

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Assessment and Stabilization Unit (ASU)

This one-of-a-kind service provides comprehensive, independent psychiatric and functional assessments. These include assessments of individuals with complex mental health problems.

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Comprehensive Psychiatric Care (CPC)

The care provided in this in-patient program is aimed at minimizing symptoms of chronic mental illness and helping individuals to reach their maximum level of functioning.

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Eating Disorders Program (EDP)

Homewood Health Centre offers the largest inpatient eating disorders program in Canada. Our program helps women and men aged 16 and older to regain control over their lives.

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Integrated Mood and Anxiety Program (IMAP)

Homewood offers specialized care for depression and anxiety disorders. From assessment through discharge, we help individuals build resilience, function better and lead more fulfilling lives.

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Mood & Anxiety Program For Older Adults (POA)

The Program for Older Adults' multidisciplinary team offers assessment and individualized treatment, and recommendations for the management of older adult care.

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