Taking a tour of the Homewood Health Centre

Having a closer look

Tours are available to patients who have been accepted to one of Homewood’s programs. Tours provide an excellent opportunity for patients and their families to visit Homewood, view our facilities and beautiful grounds, and learn about our programs and services prior to admission. Tours are approximately 40 minutes in length and are available by appointment only.

Please note that due to patient confidentiality, tours do not include a visit to patient units or rooms. Detailed program and wait list information cannot be provided during a general tour; however, questions of this nature may be directed to our Admitting Department or to the appropriate Program Coordinator by phone or e-mail.

How to Arrange a Tour

Group tours are also available to employers, insurance companies, health care professionals, referral sources and community agencies interested in Homewood’s programs and services. To schedule a tour, please e-mail us.

Gate at the Homewood Health Centre

Have a look inside the Health Centre

The Homewood Health Centre has a number of amenities including a fitness centre, cafe, gift shop and other facilities to make your stay comfortable.

Have a look at the grounds

The Health Centre is 50-acres on the banks of the Speed River. The grounds feature a labyrinth, baseball diamond, tennis court, and various gardens.