TSICP - Cornerstone Program for Adults 18+

Core program based on the best available evidence on treatment of trauma and co-occurring trauma and addiction.

The Traumatic Stress Injury and Concurrent Program (TSICP) Cornerstone Program at the Homewood Health Centre is Canada’s leading inpatient trauma and co-occurring trauma and addiction treatment program for adults aged 18+. The Cornerstone Program is our core trauma program, based on two foundations: the best available evidence on treatment of trauma and co-occurring trauma and addiction and Homewood’s 137 years of clinical experience and excellence.

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Who the Program is For

The program is intended for adults 18+ years of age and over who are struggling with the symptoms of trauma(s) and concurrent trauma and addiction that they have encountered in the course of their life, and are not first responders, military, or veterans. The program welcomes people from all walks of life, all cultural backgrounds, all genders, and all religions.

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Program Overview

The program provides support for adults with a range of traumas that may include, but is not limited to: childhood sexual and physical abuse, motor vehicle accidents, occupational traumas (non-first responder/uniform related), workplace accidents, and personal assaults.

Why Choose The TSICP Cornerstone Program?

We strive to honour our clients by welcoming them into an inclusive program, designed to help each individual work towards their mental health goals. We are committed to cultural safety and cultural humility throughout our programs. We have built our program on the best available evidence and use the most strongly research-based practices.

The TSICP Cornerstone Program includes:

  • Specific assessments to evaluate the mental health difficulties commonly experienced by adults with trauma are used to guide the development of a treatment program tailored to the individual’s needs
  • Cognitive processing therapy to address post-traumatic stress injuries
  • Specific cognitive behavioural therapy and dialectical behaviour therapy groups
  • Return to work programming for those with collaborative goal setting
  • Specific recovery management and family programming
  • Private rooms or shared accommodation with other Cornerstone Program patients

How to Get Help

To be admitted to the Homewood Health Centre, you require a referral from your doctor or other healthcare professional. We can help you with the patient referral and admissions process. 

Contact Intake and Admitting at 519.824.1010 or 1.866.839.2594, extension 32551 or email admit@homewoodhealth.com

Admission to the Program
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