Inpatient & Residential Treatment

Homewood offers a broad range of programs for individuals seeking treatment at its inpatient and residential facilities. These full-time programs provide the level of treatment intensity required to deal with persistent or more complex challenges and the opportunity to step away from day-to-day issues to focus on recovery in a therapeutic and supportive environment. This type of treatment, supported by a high-quality aftercare/recovery management program, greatly enhances the likelihood of successful recovery.

Inpatient treatment is offered at  Homewood Ravensview, our new inpatient treatment centre located on the Saanich Peninsula, just outside of Victoria, British Columbia. Inpatient treatment is also offered at Homewood Health Centre and The Residence at Homewood, in Guelph, Ontario.  Here, physicians lead specialized, experienced multidisciplinary teams focused on building the knowledge, developing the skills and providing the support needed to return to a healthy and productive life. 

Homewood Health Centre Programs:
  • Addiction Medicine Program (AMP)
    • AMP – Healthcare Professionals Stream
    • AMP - Uniformed Professionals Stream
  • Assessment and Stabilization Unit
  • Comprehensive Psychiatric Care
  • Eating Disorders Program
  • Integrated Mood and Anxiety Program
  • Program for Traumatic Stress Recovery
  • Older Adults Mood & Anxiety Program
  • Traumatic Stress Injury & Concurrent Program (TSICP)
    • TSICP - Guardians Program for first responders, military & veterans
    • TSICP - General Program for adults 18+

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The Residence at Homewood

Representing over 137 years of best-in-class mental health and addiction care from the Homewood Health Centre,  The Residence offers fully individualized treatment plans for mental health, addiction and concurrent conditions. The Residence has a team of 24/7 dedicated professionals led by our full time chief of Psychiatry and Program Director. Our interdisciplinary team includes around-the-clock nursing staff, psychologists, social workers, occupational therapist, addiction counsellors and recreation therapists.

Clients have access to a number of amenities including: a private, professionally equipped gym designed by Jamie Crane of Dotmar Fitness, yoga, massage therapy, extensive walking trails, contemplation areas and tennis courts. A dedicated culinary team, led by our Executive Red Seal Chef, craft delicious, refined, contemporary food, all sourced locally and prepared with the nutritional and dietary needs of our clients in mind.

Homewood Ravensview 

Homewood Ravensview leverages Homewood’s deep expertise and unique resources to provide specialized services in mental health and addiction including mood and anxiety disorders, trauma/PTSD, substance/behavioral addictions and concurrent disorders.

Homewood Ravensview Programs: