Knowing that what's important to you is also important to us

We build our patient care and services on our core values

Everyone at Homewood Health is focused on improving lives. Just as important as what we do, however, is how we do it. Our values helped us earn awards for innovation, excellence and work environment and our values shape our relationships with patients, partners and clients.

Service Excellence

We provide the highest quality of care and service to deliver the best outcomes. We always put people first to ensure that every interaction and practice is shaped by compassion, caring and respect.


We take best practices in mental health and addiction care and make them even better. We invest in research. We invest in training and innovative technology. We encourage change for the better.


We work as a connected, integrated team to provide seamless service for our patients, clients and partners. We connect internal and external experts to enhance support of the programs we deliver and the tools we use.


We provide information, resources, and we invite questions and discussion. We give you our word and then we do everything in our power to keep it. We protect your privacy and protect your information.

"After many failures, and much time, effort and money invested in two treatment facilities, I have found exactly what I needed at Homewood."