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Rapid IMPACT is the optimal return to work program for insurers in Canada with its unique combination of evidence-based and leading edge treatment — we achieve positive outcomes and sustained recovery. Grounded in over 130 years of experience in mental health and addiction treatment, we get people back to work and back to life.


Rapid Integrated Mental health and addictions Program for Assessment, Case coordination and Treatment

Homewood Health’s Rapid IMPACT Program provides a complete, seamlessly integrated, continuum of mental health and addiction services that are focused on a successful return to work.

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Successful and sustainable return to work

Homewood’s Rapid IMPACT Program is redefining mental health and addiction treatment by integrating a return to work focus into our treatment programs and processes to shorten claims duration and ensure the best results for our customers.

  • Fast access to clinical and medical experts
  • A dedicated case coordination team
  • Personalized in-depth assessments and accurate diagnosis
  • Individualized treatment plans with embedded return to work programming
  • Access to a continuum of complementary mental health and addiction services to help members stay at work, including residential and inpatient treatment



Rapid IMPACT is available as a complete program for mental health and addiction cases, or you may select specific tools to augment your case management processes and improve outcomes.Get help for your plan member now. Call us toll-free.